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Custom vs Customizable

What is the difference between Custom and Customizable?

A custom is something unique made specifically for you and only you in the UK we call it Bespoke and its often used as a term to describe a suit handmade for a gentleman.

Custom is the epitome of luxury jewelry, where a jeweler dedicates time to design specifically for you.

Many jewelers offer customizable services but not all are custom, customizable are often picked from an already existing design or a design pattern that is already in mass production making adaptation to suit your preferences in many instances jeweler will use CAD-CAM services to offer these options to you.

CAD (Computer Aided Design) example of a 1.8ct Pear shaped Diamond set in platinum on a bypass style ring with a wedding band and a diamond eternity band
CAD - Render example

As a jeweler who decided to specialize in technology using CAD (Computer Aided Design) to manufacture I endeavor use this skill to create a custom experience where you can be part of the design process from the initial drawings (CAD Renders) through to a resin sample this helps you, not only visualize the product but also try it on before it hits the jeweler's bench.

Platinum castings before diamond setting
Castings Before Setting

The CAD files are then converted into 3D printable files and send to the 3D printer in our office here in Denver, from there we mail these to you or if you prefer, we can meet in person in the office and share a beverage of choice. Once the resins are approved, we move on to the manufacturing and setting.

Custom Final of a 1.8ct Pear shaped Diamond set in platinum on a bypass style ring with a wedding band and a diamond eternity band
Custom Finished Pieces

What does the manufacturing entail?

Castable 3D Print


Cleaning of Casting



Why does making a ring take an average of 6 weeks?

I would love to say I have an entire in-house team, but I do not. I collaborate with many and very talented individuals in our industry to create custom pieces in the most cost-effective way. In this manner we all specialize in different parts of the process, and we work together to produce and deliver custom made pieces throughout the USA and UK keeping our overheads down and passing those benefits to you.

A question I get asked often is:

Do you do your own bench work?

The short answer is yes, I love working on the bench and it's a place of great creativity to me.

Another question is:

Is this process expensive?

No, I work within your budget, you get to set the ceiling price. A benefit of working in this manner is that you get to have a very intimate look at your diamond choices before you buy, I select the diamonds personally and have excellent industry connections getting you the very best price, even if the diamond is already listed and priced online.

I would love to hear your thoughts and questions, feel free to leave me a message and I will be happy to answer it, if you prefer you can email me directly at

Happy Wednesday!

Nat Guarascio


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