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The Rise of the Green...

The Color of 2024 seems to be our beloved Green, so when it comes down to choosing by color what are your options? The world of color can be extremely daunting specially as the Diamond our modern classic is so well stablished.

Last year we designed for a photoshoot with the Colorado Wedding Magazine, our theme color and the as main protagonist we choose the Green Tourmaline.

Why did we choose the Tourmaline? We wanted to show case a beautiful large gemstone that is accessible to all a gemstone that can be freely worn as an everyday ring and celebrates color. Please find us featured on the next issue of the Colorado Wedding Magazine 2024 edition.

Photo for the Colorado Wedding Magazine - Photo Credit Quincy Malik

If we think back through history there has always been trends of color and it's the turn of the Green to be featured and adored.

If green is your color what are the choices?

I would like to present 3 very different choices in green, there are many more green gemstones available, but these are my 3 top picks for working in jewelry the Emerald, Tourmaline and Sapphire.

How does these 3 gemstones compare in wear to a Diamond?

Using the Mohs scale of hardness the Diamond rates at a 10, the Sapphire is next at a 9 and the Emerald and Tourmaline both comes in at a 7.

The price per carat is affected by the quality and provenance of the material and treatment. Tourmalines are the most budget friendly option. In our commercial world both Emeralds and Sapphires are more likely to have had treatments versus the tourmaline but there are no hard and fast rules. To narrow down the perfect gemstone we take into consideration budget, material, treatment and provenance and hunt down either cut gemstones or rough that is appropriate for the project.

Lets take a look....


For most of us when we think green gemstones, we think Emerald. As pictured bellow emeralds are amazing in their color so beautiful and typically found in South America and Africa. What I personally love about emeralds is how unique they are, each one has unique characteristics and are wonderful to wear.

Ring design and manufactured in Dec 2023

Green Emerald Engagement Ring Set In 18K Yellow Gold
Green Emerald Engagement Ring - Photo Credit B. Kosnar


Tourmalines exists in a variety of colors, however these little beauties come in a hue of yellow green that makes the most gorgeous gemstones, and with a price per ct. that does not break the bank it is by far one of my favorite gems to work with.

Ring Design and Manufactured in January 2024

One of the most remarkable things about the Tourmaline is that more often the gem quality material is very clean of inclusions so if you are looking for a solid color gemstone the Tourmaline is a great option.

Green Tourmaline Featured in the Video above, before it was set into the engagement ring.
Green Tourmaline - Cut by B. Kosnar

Fun fact the crown of England holds a Rubellite not a Ruby and the Rubellite is fond member of the Tourmaline family.


Mainly known for being blue, sapphires actually come in the whole spectrum of the rainbow including green.

Green sapphires are coming more and more popular the ones that I seem to like the most recently are mainly from Australia or Montana-USA

Sapphires are an amazing alternative for an engagement ring and by its nature a very sturdy gemstone.

1.26ct Green Montana Sapphire

If you have any questions feel free to reach out, we will be more than happy to answer any questions.

N. Guarascio


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