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Natural Gemstones and Dreams

I have been working with the Colorado Wedding Magazine on a few photoshoots, the best part of being a jewelry designer is getting to imagine the future, to design for wearability, to design with conscience and design with purpose.

Many things have changed in my short life, through design we live and grow. What's popular today is not what is popular tomorrow - How do we dream the future?

The design of the gemstone, the design of the jewelry itself, we design with conscience of material, making sure that we design with conscience and quality. Let me take you through the process...

There is two parts to a finished piece of jewelry - The Gemstone and The Jewelry

The Gemstone

Starts with a rough piece of stone, a person has to choose the rough then design and decide how to cut it into a perfect prism so that the light bounces through it, humans are attracted to light, the perfect gem plays with light, as light bounces through it and shows the beautiful colors within the crystals. To achieve this takes great skill and few possesses the passion, patience and willingness to dedicate themselves to mastery. Lucky for us such a person exists and it's a beautiful husband and wife team, they are very experimental with gem design and dedicated to perfecting their work. I highly recommend checking out their work here locally in Colorado. KosnarGemCo

The Jewelry

Now this part starts as a dream and the first step into reality is a drawing then a constructive critic with trustworthy friends - (not all dreams are good and some need development, also your first idea is never your best idea) then CAD to really see it as a manufactured piece, 3D prints into castable materials and choose your gold, because its bench time next. As much as applied technology is useful every jewelry piece has to go through the bench and in the bench is where our skills are truly tested.

Seeing the process from start to finish is truly magical from piece of stone to a drawing to conversations around the table and seeing the finished dream as someone's beloved jewels.

While at university our Dean wrote a book about jewelry design and there is something that has always stayed with me, jewelry fulfills different emotional connections from me as a designer, as the jeweler on the bench and to you the wearer. Maker-Wearer-Viewer - Jack Cunningham

For me, as a designer every piece takes part of me and my creativity it takes a lot of emotional investment to create, its blood, sweat, tears and sometimes even my last cent. When you create out of love, out excitement, out of desire is when the magic happen, I always want to deliver magic because after all it all did start with a dream.

Please enjoy the sneaky preview to the photo story for the Colorado Wedding Magazine

Photography: Quincy Brandt (@quincymalik)

Creative Direction: The Colorado Wedding Magazine (@thecoloradoweddingmagazine) and Page Public Relations (@page_public_relations)

Venue: WhirlyBall (@whirlyballcos)

Flowers: Sweetwater Flower Market (@sweetwaterflowermarket)

Makeup: Kim Clay Artistry (@kimclayartistry)

Models: @mimithemotivator @thatchikkarissa @celina_ortiz_realtor @lekfmama @ivy.gonzales

Workshop: @beastofburdenjewelry

On the bench: Cheyenne, Brett, Nat and Devan


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