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What is CAD?

Simply put CAD is Computer Aided Design and it is an integral part to my process of design and manufacture, and it allows visual communication which gives you a complete picture of a concept before it's made.

Why do I think CAD is awesome?

Let me show you an example of visual communication allowed by CAD.

Matrix Gold Software CAD Interface
Matrix Gold Software CAD Interface

Different layout options:

Utilizing technology in this way, we can have the design conversations using drawings that are easy to interpret allowing for mutual understanding.

How does technology further help us?

CAD designs can be 3D printed into models that can be easily handled which helps us get a sense of true scale. So, by the time the item is finished there is no speculations of what the piece is going to look like.

I love to use CAD as a tool to help me showcase both design and the fact that we minimize waste through this process as we only manufacture upon client's approval of final design, all the design accommodations and changes happens before anything is committed to precious metals, materials and specially labor.

We only design and manufacture in Colorado this process is the key for us to maintain ourselves competitive making sure that all of resources are properly appointed and with a goal to maintain a 0 stock policy for our office as we manufacture everything to order, making sure you will always have a piece of jewelry that is uniquely yours made for you.

Another benefit to this method is that we can adapt designs to suit your preferences in materials and design.

This example bellow shows the same CAD file but rendered in a completely different look.

Same file but a different look in Platinum, Sapphire and Diamond
Same file but a different look in Platinum, Sapphire and Diamond

CAD is a wonderful tool allowing us to cross our t's and dot our i's specially if you are unsure of metal or material preferences. There is a nifty function that help us calculate metal weights and diamond plots, it all becomes very organized for our setters as it helps us plan work flows to lead times and just in case you can't tell by now, I love it!

I love it so much I sat down with A. Bailey Head of Jewelry Education at ACC (Arapahoe Community College) and designed an entire course around CAD, artistic concept development applied to traditional manufacturing.

If you would like to discuss a design of a new piece of jewelry, heirloom remodel or have questions about the process, please feel free to reach out to me at

Next week I will be showing you the next stage in the design process which is 3D printing.

Disclosure: This project concept is for private client of Carla Morrison, ideation to the project is made in collaboration with CM, if you like this design idea and would like to talk about an adaptation to this design, please reach out to Carla Morrison Jewelry to set up an appointment.

Nat Guarascio

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