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1970's Reproduction from Archived Foto.

A sweet older gentleman came in to see us with an empty box and a picture, his home was involved in a burglary and all of his wife's jewelry had been stolen- including a very sentimental piece. Which was made for his wife to celebrate a birth of a child in the 70's made by a jeweler known to me that been retired for a very long time.

From the imprint of the box and a photo from the 1990's I began to CAD and making sure this heavy looking piece is light enough to be worn was major challenge, the manufacturing skills that was originally used is not my forte, as alongside our master jeweler we worked, and 3D Printed parts to test it on the client's wife to make sure we were going in the right direction.

Having to hand carve and cast part of this necklace and combine with CAD was a great challenge the spring mechanism on this used to catch on her skin before and that was the one thing she asked us to change it so that it didn't catch on a snap down spring mechanism.

The center stone on the original pendant was a Pear-shaped intense yellow diamond which unfortunately the insurance didn't cover the cost completely, so we had to find an alternative to the Diamond and sourced a 4ct Yellow Sapphire that is amazing in colour saturation and cut which made this project even more special.

Being able to replace something that was stolen in a meaningful and kind manner was a privilege to be part of, and this time her daughter was able to give it her mum to celebrate her birthday and returning to her a perfectly emotional heirloom connection.

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