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Custom/Bespoke Design Process

Function versus beauty.

This is the forever argument what is more important? in reality we believe that there is true beauty in functionality and good design deliver functionality through beauty.

When we design jewelry, we not only look at the diamond we are using, but we also take into consideration the materials we are using, the manufacturing processes and most important of all the wearer.

The lifestyle of the wearer is a major consideration when designing, it is important that every piece we design is right for our clients, from budgeting through creation all of our jewelry is designed for the wearer.

How does it work?

During a design consultation we will stablish the following:

  • Design concept and direction

  • Materials desired

  • Wear intentions (everyday vs evening wear)

  • If engagement ring or wedding band - Lifestyle

  • Budget

Next Steps:

  1. Design and Quotes

  2. Wax/ Resin 3D Printed trial or Fitting

  3. Production 3-4 weeks

  4. Delivery

As a designer this is one of my most favorite processes being able to connect so intimately with our clients as most jewelry we make is worn daily and hoped to be passed on as heirlooms, we love being part of a cherished memory.

CAD Design Render: June 2022


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