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Korean Jewelry Design Award - Designer Excellence Award

Today I had the honour to receive an email, from An Siyeong saying that I have been awarded the International Design Category- Designer's Excellence Award. How exciting, for the last few years since 2017 I have been working in the jewelry corporate world. Where I admit I learned many things that I will take with me for life, but one thing the corporate world didn't allow me to do is follow my gut when it came to inspiration and design choices, the constant creation of new trends and designing Bridal within very tight deadlines meant that when it came to CAD for me, I just didn't want to sit and CAD to figure it out it was all too much.

Launching my own design firm has allowed me to work with individuals that inspire me, individuals who are also in love with their art and produce the finest of quality.

The Bloom came about from a conversation with Brett Kosnar, an Award Winning Gem Designer and Cutter, who is a super cool duo with his wife Allyce - KosnarGemCo, Brett Designed and cut this beautiful Tourmaline which he calls Optic Bloom.

He would be the first one to tell you I know nothing about the colour world, which is mostly true I am a CAD and Diamond girl but over the years and many happy hours later Brett and Allyce have showed me how wonderful the color world is and also that perhaps I need another lifetime to actually learn everything there is.

This stone actually has been designed to show a beautiful optical effect were, it reflects like a house of mirrors. It is actually amazing. This stone is the inspiration for the award-winning design.

The design itself is made using CAD - (MATRIX-GOLD) which is a Jewelry Design CAD (Computer Aided Design) Software - I use it for projects like this as if it was Rhino which allows for a nicer flow of non- predicted geometry, The pattern is inspired directly by the stone itself using a command called mirror to help generate the pattern.

This is an amazing beginning to 2023 an Award, the cover of the Colorado Wedding Magazine in Feb/March I am honoured by all who support and believe in me as designer and jeweler, this foreign girl from SE London would of never dreamt to be part of the 1st generation of my family to go to college, to have won design awards throughout the past 11 years, to be interviewed by the BBC, to move to a new country and work in the corporate jewelry industry, to have launched on my design business (with no financial backers) to within the first 6 months be invited to appear on TV and have my work feature on the cover of The Colorado Wedding Magazine. This is all very exciting, and I have many more ideas and concepts for jewelry to come, lets geek out over design and create some amazing jewelry.

Have a great day everyone -


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